Ashley Holmes Photography | Ordering Products

Useful pointers on how to order products and get the best value for your hard earned cash!


To find the images you want to see go to 'View Your Photos" - the drop down menu shows all the different events and galleries, with the most recent event at the top.


I would recommend that you register an account when prompted.  The main benefit is that you will be able to to save images to a Favourites folder, where they will be stored and which you can go back to again and again as well as place orders from - very useful when there may be several thousand images to look though at a large busy event.  It also stores your billing and shipping information to expedite future purchases.


Clicking on a thumbnail enlarges it to view and you can scroll through each image by using the arrow keys (top right) or whole pages (beneath the image). Hovering the mouse over the image gives you access to a menu (top left) to buy, share, add to favourites etc.  


To view the price list click on the 'View All Products" button below the thumbnails/featured products section on the right hand side.


Tips to Save you money and get best value:


1. Do not buy two images on their own - use a Value Pack and get 3 for the price of 2

2. Check if there is an event discount available (usually from the event organisers) - these discounts are usually available for about 10-14 days after an event and there is a code to use them.

3. There are various products catering for volume purchase of jpegs,prints and albums.  These will greatly reduce your costs for volume purchases.

4  If there are a great many images you would like to buy (say from several shows/events), get in touch and once I know how many images and what size etc you want I can work out a substantial discount for you.  Please note this is only available to individuals & families - it is not aimed at groups of people clubbing together in a "collective."  Generally speaking - the more images purchased lowers the cost per image.


Image Quality:


Please note that photos always look better on computer screens and especially those small screens on phones and tablets.  It is impossible to transfer this type of vibrant illumination to a print on paper - so please be realistic in your expectations.  Remember many of the images you will see are taken in less than perfect lighting conditions on stage with coloured lights and areas of shadow.

All images ordered will undergo a final editing "tweak" and will be cropped if this improves the image - most commonly by zooming in.