Ashley Holmes Photography | ACRYLIC FLOAT PANELS


For razor-sharp image display:

All of our acrylic panel products have a high gloss finish that creates a stunning end result that is perfect for any living space or office. Our eight colour printing gives you the maximum saturation and resolution directly onto acrylic. All our panels are diamond polished for the best possible quality. Your print is pressure bonded to the reverse of the acrylic panel using special, ultra-thin, double sided optically clear mount film. If you want a real wow-factor then acrylic panels are perfect for you.

Floating acrylic panels give the illusion that the finished product is floating away from the wall and are available in a choice of 5mm or 8mm depths.  Prices on price list are for the 5mm version and come in sizes 30x20" or 20x16."  Prices for other sizes and the 8mm version are available on request.