Dance Festivals


At your Dance Festival we capture "live action" shots all day long for every dance and can also set up a studio for posed shots throughout the day.  


Where required, we capture the awarding of medals after each section and the Awards Ceremony at the end of the Festival.


Images can be viewed/purchased online after the Festival.  Great care is taken to edit and process the images to remove colour casts and get the best images possible.


There is no charge to attend and as a "thank you" to the organisers, we offer a selection of complimentary images from the Festival for use on your website and general marketing activities.


Parents benefit from a range of money saving Value Packs and carefully selected photo products and we run a special discount scheme that provides fantastic savings on orders placed during the two weeks following a Festival.


For samples of our work please see the Portfolio section.


We hold an enhanced CRB check and carry full Public Liability Insurance.


Pre-Booked Festival Dance Photography

Sometimes, we will only be able to offer to cover your festival on a "Pre-Booked" basis. 

This means that parents will need to pre-book the dances that they would like us to photograph, ideally when they arrive or at their earliest opportunity.  The reason for this would usually be when we cover larger festivals that involve several days of continual shooting e.g Monday to Sunday festivals.  We would then need at least the same amount of days following the festival to process and edit the images (which could be up to 5000 images per day) - so a 7 day festival becomes 14 days of continuous work. This may not be a problem if time is available following the festival - but if another event is booked to start shortly after, this may not be possible.

There are, however, major benefits to the Pre-Booked format, namely:  The parents get far more images for much less money.  The reason for this is that shooting every dancer in every section of the festival and then having to spend days processing and editing those images, most of which will not be purchased, takes up a lot of time, effort and wear and tear on equipment - and this has to be reflected in the product prices.  However, with the Pre-Booked format, we only have to spend time shooting and processing those dances that have been booked and paid for.  Therefore we can pass on the savings to the parents who will receive far more images for a lot less money. 

Although this format only provides Digital files, it does mean that once the parents have the digital images, they can then share the photos on social media and get prints, wall art and other photo products made up at a photo lab.  For example, most photo labs will charge under 30p for a 7x5 print whereas the usual charge for a print would be £8 after discount under our usual format of shooting every dance.


For further details or to make a booking, please email


[email protected]

or call 07504 399972