Ashley Holmes Photography | Download Scheme


This scheme is aimed primarily at the Dance School Show & Festival market but can be used for any large event where many people are to be photographed.

When we cover a Dance Show, Performing Arts Production or Dance Festival we are likely to take many photos - typically 1500-2000 per performance at a show or 7-8000 over a 3 day Dance Festival.  Consequently the choice available to parents can be excellent but clearly the more images people want to buy, the more expensive it becomes, even with bulk purchase discounts and incentives available.

I therefore got to thinking of ways of making things affordable to even the tightest of budgets where everyone taking part could acquire as many images as they wanted at a low and fixed cost.  

Most people are aware of how bulk purchasing brings down the cost per unit - and this is exactly how the Download Scheme work.  The more people that sign up to it (and pay in advance) the cheaper it becomes for everyone.


How the scheme works:

After the show the images are processed and put on a gallery on the website for people to view.  An access code is issued to those who have paid and they are then able to download ALL AND ANY IMAGES they want from the show.  Once you have the jpeg, you can view this and share the images on Facebook or have them made into prints or albums etc etc.  As most people are aware, once the "password" is revealed, it can be passed on to others that have not paid as can images that have been downloaded - this is why it is important that as many people as possible participate.

Clearly this will favour the "lead" dancers who, by virtue of being most often in the centre spotlight inevitably have their photo taken the most.  So we also offer to provide a "studio" that can be set up in between say a Matinee show and the Evening show or at the Dress rehearsal - whereby all participants can have a selection of photos taken in costume which means they are guaranteed to have photos to download and at a much lower cost than buying them at the regular prices.

We will always try to cover a minimum of 2 shows (ideally dress rehearsal and a show) and also set up a studio - so there will be plenty of images available.

The way to make the cost as low as possible is for as many people as possible to participate.  Therefore there is a scale of charges based on the percentage take up of all those taking part in the show or festival - regardless of the number involved.


% Take Up       100-90%          89-80%          79-70%          69-60%          59-50%

Cost                          £15                      £17                      £19                    £22                   £26


Please note that these prices are based on pre-payment before the show.  It avoids the problem of people changing their mind after the show and potentially increasing the cost to everyone else.  



Our regular print prices start at £10 for a 6x4 (£8 after discount) plus there is a postage fee of £3.  Jpegs start at £25 each, 3 for £50 or 20 for £200. Therefore, to be able to download several thousand jpegs for as little as £15 should really be a no brainer?

Clearly, this would involve the monies being collected in and the password to be given to those that have paid  - and this would really need to be done by the Dance School proprietor (who probably has the means to do this when collecting in school fees and subs etc and could even collect the monies in at say £1 per week in the run up to the show?). As a "thank you" for their assistance in this they would of course be able to use any images they want for marketing purposes and as most schools appear to have on-going fund raising activities for school projects, a small commission of say 5% would also be payable to the School.


If you have questions or would like to set up a Download Scheme for your next event, please do get in touch.