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Hello and thank you for visiting the blog of Ashley Holmes Photography. 

I hope to bring you regular updates throughout the year of what we've been up to and report on the shows and events that we've had the pleasure of covering for our Dance School partners and clients.

Faces Arts Rothley Theatre School Show 2017

April 06, 2017
This week we return to Faces Arts and their Rothley Theatre School Show 2017, which was called "Tilly" and took place at The Cedars Academy in Birstall (which incidentall...
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AKG Dance Festival 2017

March 23, 2017
It was with great pleasure that we attended the AKG Dance Festival at Castle Bromwich, West Midlands for the first time. The festival, organised by MS Dance Studios, was...
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Faces Arts Street Dance 2017

March 17, 2017
We kicked the first show of 2017 off with the annual Faces Arts Street Dance Show - now in our third year of covering this event. This year the show was held at Groby Com...
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The Dance Academy - "A Night At The Movies"

December 02, 2016
This weekend we returned to my old school at Longslade, Birstall (now renamed The Cedars Academy) for The Dance Academy's Production of "A Night At The Movies." Last year...
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The Orphan - Starlight Theatre School

November 25, 2016
Last weekend we attended the Bi-annual show from the Starlight Theatre School at The Peepul Centre, Leicester. They put on a show every two years in addition to their Ann...
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